Buckyball Writes Again

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Give Us This Day Our Daily Footie

This from Television “It’s all comes down to the weather conditions, the sun, cloud cover, wind… we’ve got a strong field today, in Doncaster, lets go down to our local expert – the former world champion, Tommy Pickering… Mark Jones off to a flyer this afternoon … he’ll be overjoyed with the start he’s made this afternoon session”. No this is not football, tennis, cricket, atheletics, motor-racing or rugby. Its not even cycling, golf or snooker – those strangely compelling sports which on Telly, logically, should be sure cures for insomnia. Any guesses for the sport in question? No its not chess, but you’ve probably guessed that already. Its not even extreme sport, or kite-flying. It’s the world championship of hold-your-breath – Fish-O-Mania on Sky Sports. This is edgy stuff, pushing the envelope of sports coverage – where Sports meets Reality TV. Where the fever pitch of excitement in the commentary box belies the calm waters of reality, below them.

These are the days of summer. The months that Nick Hornby astutely points out that football fans pretend don’t exist. And Fish-o-mania is as good a reason as any for demanding more football on TV. But the Bundesliga has kicked off. The Championship begins today and with the community shield tomorrow, you can almost feel the engines revving.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Options, Futures and SWAPs

On another note, I hope Man Yoo will have the sense to play hardball with both Real Madrid and with Owen so they can get him at a lower salary and transfer fee for the first year - since he has everything to play for. May be even a loan? In this, the year of the world cup, players may be more willing to come to the party than in other years.

This way, they can get Owen, leaving the funds and door open to do a swap deal for Essien - perhaps using Kleberson and Saha. Saha desperately needs to be in a team where he sees himself as a key guy - the poor guy passes out wide and doesn't even run in for the cross any more. Kleb's case could well be strengthened by the resurrection of Diego Forlan, in a slower continental footballing environment. This may bring the cost of Essien down to 15 mill.

Which is when the upside of not being a public company should become obvious to all those who still, pointlessly, rant and rave about Glazernomics. If not Essien, this sort of deal should definitely work for a Ballack.